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API Availability Degradation

Resolved: Sunday 09/17/2017 18:43:44 CDT

Bazaarvoice engineering has resolved this issue. 

If you have any other issues, please open a support case by going to Spark.Bazaarvoice.com 

Under Investigation: Sunday 09/17/2017 18:29:21 CDT

Our engineering team is still working to ensure our API returns to normal operations.  Traffic is still being routed to another region to ensure current stability. 

Next update by 9:30 PM CST September 17

Under Investigation: Sunday 09/17/2017 16:30:52 CDT

Currently, traffic is being failed over to another region for service.  Although there should not be errors, some API calls may see a longer delay than is normal.  Our engineering team is still working on a resolution for this issue. 

Next update by 6:30 PM CST September 17

In Work: Sunday 09/17/2017 15:33:26 CDT

Some clients using our API solution may experience issues. Bazaarvoice engineering team is working on a resolution. 

Next update by 4:30 PM CST September 17