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Content Display Degradation

Resolved: Wednesday 01/31/2018 16:10:10 CST

This issue has been resolved.  

If you have any other questions or issues, please open a new case by visiting the support community at support.bazaarvoice.com

In Work: Wednesday 01/31/2018 15:31:30 CST

Our engineering team is still monitoring recovery as we are still seeing sporadic delays. 

Next update by:  5:30pm CST Jan. 31, 2018

In Work: Wednesday 01/31/2018 13:30:33 CST

Bazaarvoice engineering is monitoring the recovery of some services which may have impacted some clients starting at 01.31.2018 12:51 PM (CST).  We are seeing improvements in recovery and will continue to monitor.  

Next update by:  3:30pm CST Jan. 31, 2018