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Content Dashboards Degradation

Resolved: Friday 04/13/2018 17:14:02 CDT

This issue has been resolved and data is returning as expected. 

If you see any other issues, please contact support by logging into the support communities and opening a new case.  

In Work: Friday 04/13/2018 12:00:54 CDT

Bazaarvoice engineering is continuing work on the delay found on clients on C3. 

Your cluster can be identified by logging into http://workbench.bazaarvoice.com and looking at the resulting URL after a successful login.  The URL will contain a number ranging from c1 to c7.

Next update by:  5:00pm CDT

Under Investigation: Friday 04/13/2018 08:30:00 CDT

Bazaarvoice has detected an approximate 5 hour delay in content appearing in the workbench for clients on the C3 cluster.  The issue is currently under investigation.

Next update: 12:00 pm CDT

If you have any questions or require additional information regarding this issue, please contact Support via the Support Community or by phone or email using the information below:

Phone:  888.984.1381
Email:  support@bazaarvoice.com